PHRF NW General Info

Welcome to the PHRF Northwest website!

For clarification; your PHRF NW membership expires on December 31st. There is no “grace period”. Membership runs from the day you renew until December 31st of the same year. Please make sure you have renewed before you sail an event to avoid DSQ. Late fees apply starting January 1st.

The PHRF NW board of directors has set dues for 2017 AND 2018 at 60.00 payable  in US Funds only. If you pay by January 1st you will get 5$ discount making dues $55 for early renewals. Payments after December 31st are 60.00.  No Canadian drafts will be accepted unless they are payable in US funds. Non US fund drafts will be returned to the payer. Canadian members may use the online payment option on our site which converts the funds to US dollars. We would prefer that international members use this option as their payment method.

Download the member handbook  in PDF form here.  2018 PHRF NW Handbook.  If you wish to purchase a hard copy of the PHRF NW handbook, the fee will be $ 10.00 which must be paid in US funds. (Once the handbook is published in late February, it will be mailed to you.)

Neil Bennett is the current PHRF NW Chief Handicapper. Eric Nelson of Corinthian Tacoma is the current PHRF President.

PHRF NW serves over 700 active members annually, hailing from 278 different yacht clubs in the Northwest.

This site provides the following information:

  • See what’s new for 2018, dues, and handbook fees
  • How to join PHRF NW
  • How to renew if you have already been a member
  • List of current members and their ratings
  • How to contact PHRF NW
  • Pay your membership online
  • Submit changes to your handicapper
  • Handicapper Meetings
  • Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • PDF copy of Member Handbook

It is the prime objective of this long standing non profit corporation to promote sailboat racing in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia by maintaining an equitable system of handicap ratings of member boats for use at yacht clubs and other sponsors of sailboat races.

From its inception in 1966, all Officers, Directors and Handicappers of this corporation have volunteered their time to PHRF NW. Today more boats continue to race in area H under PHRF-NW than any other handicapping system in the Pacific Northwest.

PHRF-NW for the last several decades has been an officially recognized handicapping system under PIYA for both United States and Canadian sailboat races conducted under PIYA Yacht Club sponsorship. PHRF NW is an affiliate member of US Sailing.

Membership in PHRF-NW is necessary for obtaining a valid PHRF-NW handicap rating certificate. You may apply through your local yacht or sailing club, or by direct application to PHRF-NW.

PHRF-NW Membership Organization

Each members Yacht or Sailing Club which has at least 5 PHRF-NW members may elect a Handicapper and a Director for representing that yacht club to PHRF-NW. Handicappers are responsible for establishing Standard Handicaps for various types/classes of boats and various measurement parameters affecting boat handicap ratings. They are also responsible for arbitrating performance differences or variability’s between types of boats and any protests or disagreements affecting these standard ratings or adjustments. Directors provide the leadership and policy oversight for the overall direction in which PHRF-NW proceeds. Officers are elected from among the current Directors.