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How do I know who my Handicapper is? Handicappers change throughout the year, they retire, move, and take time off. Its best to double check the handicapper for your yacht club by looking at our roster, or check with your club. We have around 278 yacht clubs that are represented, if you cannot find yours listed, let us know.

  • Who’s Who?
  • Which Yacht Clubs are PHRF Class A members?
  • Who are the PHRF NW Directors?

You can find the link to the Directors and Handicappers at the bottom of the page.

Note; no need to call after 5pm,  or on weekends and  Holidays. Try us on a weekday for best results. If you are in a real hurry, email is the fastest way to reach us in the office.

Snail Mail;

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Fax- 425-962-8729

Or, contact the Chief Handicapper Directly at-