About Active Members

About PHRF NW Active Members and their Boats

PHRF NW Membership is on an annual basis. The membership period goes from  January 01 to  December 31. You must renew each year to remain an active member. On the website we provide a list of current year active members only. In order to have your boat published in the annual member handbook, you would have to renew before January 1st.

If you are a race organizer and interested in confirming PHRF  NW membership, please email the office if you need additional member info other than the current roster provided.

The Roster listing on this web site represents the current status of the Master Roster database as of the date the information was posted, this is indicated on the respective web page. As there are inevitable delays in transferring data, and updating this site, the final authority rests with the information found in the database of  the PHRF-NW business office.

Data found in the members rosters  on this site will be updated periodically throughout the year. More recent data for new or changed boats, new members, etc. may be obtained at the office.

PHRF-NW Membership for Clubs in the Organization

Each member Yacht or Sailing Club which has at least 5 PHRF-NW members may nominate a Handicapper and a Director to PHRF for approval, to represent that yacht club to PHRF-NW. (One club per Director) Handicappers are responsible for establishing Standard Handicaps for various types/classes of boats and various measurement parameters affecting boat handicap ratings. They are also responsible for arbitrating performance differences or variability’s between types of boats and any protests or disagreements affecting these standard ratings or adjustments. Directors provide the leadership and policy oversight for the overall direction in which PHRF-NW proceeds. Officers are elected from among the current Directors.

The PHRF-NW Roster

 PHRF-NW publishes a printed annual Handbook, containing complete information on PHRF-NW, handicap rating calculation information, and the roster of active members which is updated periodically on the website. The Handbook, Roster, and PHRF-NW Bylaws along with periodically published Supplements to update the Roster listings should be consulted for complete information on PHRF-NW. The member boats listings on this site (“Boat Roster” pages) are periodic updates to the listings contained in the printed roster, including updated supplement listings, as noted.

The best contacts for information regarding PHRF-NW should be the local yacht club PHRF-NW Handicapper and/or Director. These people are the “connection” to PHRF-NW at the local club racing level..

The Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet of the Northwest was organized in 1966 to offer a unified racing handicapping system for Sailboat Racing in the Pacific Northwest, from Oregon to the northern end of Vancouver Island and inland lakes, rivers, and waters. We now include boats from Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

PHRF-NW for the last several decades has been the US Sailing officially recognized PHRF handicapping system under PIYA for both United States and Canadian sailboat races conducted under PIYA Yacht Club sponsorship. Membership in PHRF-NW,  may be applied for through the local yacht or sailing club a boat-owner may wish to race with, or by direct application to PHRF-NW.

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