How to Renew your Annual PHRF Membership

It’s easy, read the following questions to see if you can renew online.

  • Was your boat an active PHRF-NW member the previous year, or in the past 24 months? This means, since you have owned the boat, did you have a valid PHRF-NW certificate for the boat in your name some time over the past 24 months?
  • If you are not sure when you were last active, just email us.
  • Has anything changed on your boat, such as sails, or hull or equipment modifications?  Maybe a change of owners, or your address or your yacht club have changed?
  • If you pay late, you will be assessed a late fee of $5.00.
  • Renewing and joining has a new option for payment. You can now make online payments.

Go to the navigation link at the top of the site that says pay dues.

If you are mailing your payment, and you are paying prior to January 1st, then all you need to do is mail to the office your annual fee of $60 in US funds. Include your sail number on the payment.  If there are any changes that have occurred such as those listed above, then you need to report them to your handicapper, AND mail your payment into the office. Your handicapper and his or her contact info can be found on your previous certificate.

  • If you have purchased a new boat, but you were an active member with a previous boat, you will need to fill out a new member application for the new boat and send it to your handicapper.

Important Notice! The business office is unable to receive registered, priority post, or certified mail. The Post Office will not sign for receiving this type of mail. Please don’t send it this way.

We are unable to fax your annual bill to you. If you do not have your annual bill to accompany your renewal, simply  send the fee with a note that indicates nothing has changed on your boat from last year that affects your rating. Be sure to identify the vessel, and simply mail the renewal.

All PHRF-NW annual bills are mailed in November, please renew by December 31.After December 31 you will be charged a $5 late fee.

If mailing,  please mail membership  payments to :


 P.O. BOX 489

Gig Harbor WA 98335