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PHRF NW Minutes

Handicappers Council Meeting
February 11, 2018

A handicapper’s council meeting was held on Sunday February 18, 2018 at the Corinthian Yacht Club, Seattle WA.


Neil Bennett, BL, CH                                      Alan Grim, MIL, None-1

David Lynch, PMYC                                       Mike Stainsby, PYC

Matthew Wood, CN                                        Lance Staughton, STYC

Todd Koetje, CYCB                                       Dan Wierman, CNW

Pat McGarry, NWMH                                     Shannon Buys, OHYC

Tom Tenney, CNT                                         Kirk Palmer, RVYC

Paul Vezetinski, CYCE                                   Betsy Wareham, OIYC


Call to Order/Agenda Changes/Adoption of Previous Minutes

The meeting was called to order by the Chief Handicapper (CH), Neil Bennett, at 1004 hours.

The CH called for any changes to the meeting minutes from the January 2017 meeting.

A motion was made to accept the January 2017. The motion carried.

The CH asked if there were any changes to the agenda.  None were identified. 

A motion was made to accept the agenda.  The motion carried.

Chief Handicapper Remarks

  • Neil handed out a list of all rating changes made by the council since 2009 as a reference for the handicappers.
  • Neil asked for information regarding the PHRF-NW report to US Sailing of our ratings for the US Sailing handbook. Alan Grim summarized what PHRF-NW provides. Alan and Mike Stainsby volunteered to assist Neil in providing the next report.

Old Business

Roberts Rules of Order

Neil reviewed the basics of the RRO and provided a handout.  Neil also noted that more information can be found at

Handicappers Oath of Office

Neil asked each handicapper attending to sign the Oath and passed around the forms. 

Status of PHRF-NW

Neil asked for a brief status from each handicapper regarding the health of PHRF at each club, numbers of members, membership trends, any PHRF issues, etc.  The responses were not recorded.

Error Report

Neil clarified the requested action from each handicapper to address the errors reported against their fleet.  It was noted that approximately 75% of the errors listed are not errors in the roster or certificates, but are faults within the error checking routine itself.  Neil requested that the handicappers continue to check their fleets for errors.

New Business

Handicapping Systems Report

David Lynch provided an analysis comparing PHRF-NW ratings with IRC and ORC estimates of the same.  David’s analysis shows that the Big Boat ratings PHRF-NW produced align very closely with IRC and ORC conversions. 


Gray Wolf, XMART40-1, s/n 401

The owner presented a case for changing his rating from 24 to 57.  David Lynch provided an analysis supporting. 

A motion was made to change the as-sailed rating to 57, and amended to reinstate the T designation.  The motion passed.

Occams Razor, ILC40, s/n 1997

The owner presented a case for changing his rating from 3 to 21. 

A motion was made to change the as-sailed rating to 18, and amended to reinstate the T designation.  The motion passed.

Poke and Destroy, EVEL32-2, s/n 69061

The owner presented a case for changing his rating from 90 to 93.  The owner also pointed out a discrepancy between PHRF-NW and other regions regarding the J33 and J29 ratings.

A motion was made to change the as-sailed rating to 93.  The motion passed.

Open Discussion

Fleet Rating Review Committee

The handicappers discussed the issue with lack of appeals and the number of seemingly discrepant ratings.  A suggestion was made to form a committee to review and identify potential unfair ratings (such as the J33 and J29 discussed in the appeal above).  David Lynch, Alan Grim and Todd Koetje volunteered to form the committee.

J105 ODR

Lance Staughton requested an ODR standard be created for the J105.

A motion was made to create a JBOA105-ODR standard with a base/as-sailed rating of 93.  The motion carried.

Moore 24 Discussion

A member reported that the Moore 24, base 168,  is unfairly rated relative to the J24, base 186. Alan noted that the J24 has a significantly slower rating than other areas in the US, probably due to the 10% adjustment some years ago.  The J24 will be added to the Fleet Rating Review Committee assignment.

Club Rating Adjustment Management

Matt Wood asked if there were any formal requirements for managing club only ratings.  PHRF-NW does not track any adjustments allowed at the club level.  It is up to the club to manage any club level rating changes.

The meeting adjourned at 1345 hours.

Meeting minutes as recorded by Alan Grim. AG/ag