Meetings, Past and Upcoming

The 2018 PHRF-NW Annual Handicappers Council Meeting will be held at the Corinthian Yacht Club Seattle

01/21/2018. The agenda will be posted here as soon as it is available.

The Annual Meeting of the Handicappers Council will be held January 21st, 2018 at Corinthian Yacht Club in Seattle at 10am. Members are strongly encouraged to complete their rating appeal forms now to insure that your appeal will be heard in January. If you have been thinking about filing an appeal, now is the time. If your buddy has been talking about an appeal, remind him now is the time. You can go to the forms page on the site and download the rating appeals form, complete it and send it to the office or your handicapper, or download it here. Rating_Appeal_Form. Read about the appeal process below, if you have questions contact your friendly handicapper directly.



  1. A PHRF-NW member shall have a right of appeal from any rating decision by a local Handicapper, a regional Handicapper, a regional Handicappers Sub-Council or the Chief Handicapper concerning the handicap rating given to his/her yacht or to the yacht of another member. Each PHRF-NW member agrees that the following rules and procedures are the exclusive means for deciding all disputes over handicap ratings issued by PHRF-NW.


  1. Rating decisions by a local Handicapper may be appealed to a regional Handicappers Sub-Council, where one exists. If there is no regional Handicappers Sub-Council, the first level of appeal shall be to the Chief Handicapper.  All appeals shall be documented and submitted on the PHRF-NW Rating Appeal Evaluation Form, which can be obtained from the business office or from the website.  The purpose of the Appeal Evaluation Form is to obtain the necessary information to review rating decisions.


  1. Rating decisions or decisions on appeals by the Chief Handicapper may be appealed to the Handicappers Council for consideration at one of its meetings. The decision on ratings or rating appeals by the Council shall be final and binding and is not subject to any further appeal or review.  However, the PHRF-NW Board of Directors in their sole discretion may elect to review a rating or appeal decision of the Handicappers Council.  The decision of the Board after discretionary review shall be final and binding and not subject to further appeal or review.


  1. Final rating or appeal decisions by the Handicappers Council or Board of Directors may be further reviewed by the National Appeals Committee of PHRF. However, any review by the National Committee is at its sole discretion.  Decisions on rating appeals by the National Appeals Committee of PHRF shall be final, binding and not subject to further review in any court or other forum.


  1. The PHRF-NW Board of Directors may, from time to time, establish the amount of any fee or charge to be paid to PHRF-NW as a precondition to appealing a rating decision pursuant to these rules and procedures. The purpose of any appeal fee or charge is to defray the costs associated with processing and deciding the rating appeal.