Meetings, Past and Upcoming

PHRF-NW Annual Handicappers Council Meeting Held at Corinthian Yacht Club Seattle


Neil Bennett, CH, BL Shannon Buys, OHYC
Dan Wierman, CNW Richard Simpson, NYC
Mark Harang, TTPYC Colin Emsly, AYC
Donald Kimball, CYC-T Matthew Wood, CYC-S
Dan Randolph, STYC Mark Harang, TTPYC
Brian Lieb, SEAS Rafe Beswick, SSSS
  COUNCIL BUSINESS Call to Order/Agenda Changes/Adoption of Previous Minutes
  • Meeting was called to order by CH Neil Bennett at 1000 hours
  • No changes to meeting minutes of January 30, 2016; approved
  • Agenda adopted as presented and approved by unanimous vote.
Chief Handicapper Comments
  • CH thanked HC present for work over the past year, including ‘Big Boat Fleet’ resolution efforts
  • CH requested HC all sign HC Oath of Office
  • No Regional reports
  • No new ODR standards
  • CH informed of changes to CH job description to include closer monitoring of HC accountability; discussion ensued from each HC regarding challenges of position. CH noted that close tracking of SCDMF and AR submissions, and Error reports would be priority for upcoming year.
  • Discussion with Director Charlie McCauley regarding ‘optimization’ calculations. No motion or vote.
General Fleet Rating Appeal
  • Base rating change to Hobie 33 to 96 approved.
Adjourn: 13:30