PHRF-NW Ratings Info

How do ratings work? Boat Measurement Data, what measurements do you need to get a rating? How do you to take them?  PHRF-NW Speed Potential Ratings are based on several factors:

  • The type of boat it is…for example, a Cal 27, J-29, NY40, Catalina 30, etc.

  • Any of several variants of that type, based on factory options or versions produced by the factory over time (there are at least three variants of Catalina 27 over the years, for example, all with their own standard rating.)

  • Options installed on an individual boat, configuration of sails, mast height, or inboard/outboard motor and propeller variations away from the standard configuration, affecting the standard rating either positively or negatively.

Boat Measurement Process

  • Download the membership application for rating with instructions found on the “Forms” page.
  • Obtain manufacturer’s data on the delivered model configuration of your boat
  • Measure your boat to obtain the measurement dimensions listed on this page in hundredths of feet.
  • Mast, deck and boom dimensions are to be as shown in the measurement diagram with the application.
  • Sail dimensions are to be taken with the sails flat on the ground, pulled flat with no wrinkles.
  • Completely fill out the data in the respective areas on the PHRF-NW A&R Form and forward to your local club Handicapper, or if none, send with your payment to PHRF-NW, at the address PO BOX 489 , Gig Harbor Wa.  98335. This will take approximately 2 weeks to process once it is received at the office.
  • IF you add or subtract sails or change the configuration of the boat in a way that affects any of these measurements, be sure to tell your Handicapper, and that the data gets logged by PHRF -NW.