PHRF NW Serving the Northwest Racing Community Since 1966

2023 ushered in a new Chief Handicapper, David Lynch from Port Madison Yacht Club,  selected by the Council. If you have questions or concerns, please start with your assigned handicapper.

Some changes to how we operate; 

          • The best way to reach the office is via email or fax, if you have a question for your handicapper contact them directly.
          • Paying through the website is the only option, we cannot take credit cards by phone, we do not accept checks for payments. 
          • All member notifications are sent via the PHRF NW website or direct email to active members. If we don’t have your email address, you won’t get notices or certificates. Additionally, if your spam filter does not recognize our email address, you may find our emails in your junk folder.
          • Only the Owner/PHRF NW member of the rated boat can renew the PHRF NW certificate.
          • As a member, you will receive email correspondence from PHRF NW throughout the year which will include your annual dues notice, upcoming handicapper council meetings and appeals, as well as meeting results.
          • We will email you a PDF copy of your PHRF NW certificate once you are paid as long as we have a valid email address.
          • The PHRF NW website is the place for all notices to members.
          • If you need sail numbers for your boat, go directly to US Sailing-

To make sure that you continue to receive important notices, please make sure messages do not go into your junk mail folder. We value your time, and your online privacy. We do not sell or share your email address, nor will you be bombarded with messages from us.

Your 2024 annual dues notice was sent by email on November 15th 2023 with instructions for paying online. Once you pay your dues online, we will email you a PDF copy of your certificate as long as we have your email address.

We look forward to 2024 and hope that you are all well. Stay tuned here for updates and notices.

Thank you for your continued support,



PHRF NW serves over 650 active members annually, hailing from 278 different yacht clubs in the Northwest under Area L of US Sailing.

This site provides the following information:

  • What’s new, dues, and handbook fees
  • How to join PHRF NW
  • How to renew if you have already been a member
  • List of current members and their ratings
  • How to contact PHRF NW
  • Pay your membership dues online
  • Submit changes to your handicapper
  • Handicapper Meetings
  • Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • PDF copy of Class Rules/ Member Handbook

It is the prime objective of this long standing non profit corporation to promote sailboat racing in US Sailing Area L, of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia by maintaining an equitable system of handicap ratings of member boats for use at yacht clubs and other sponsors of sailboat races.

From its inception in 1966, all Officers, Directors and Handicappers of this corporation have volunteered their time to PHRF NW. Today more boats continue to race in US Sailing area L under PHRF-NW than any other handicapping system in the Pacific Northwest.

PHRF-NW for the last several decades has been an officially recognized handicapping system by PIYA for both United States and Canadian sailboat races conducted under PIYA Yacht Club sponsorship. PHRF NW is an Affiliate member of US Sailing.

Membership in PHRF-NW is necessary for obtaining a valid PHRF-NW handicap rating certificate. You may apply directly to the PHRF NW Business Office at  [email protected].