List of Active Yachts

Welcome to the 2024 racing season!

If you renewed your membership online, it was emailed to you within 24 hours of your renewal. Please check your spam and junk folders. Make sure you mark email from PHRF NW as “safe”, or you will miss all our emails.

Members on 071624

PHRF NW provides updated copies of the Member Roster here on this site, assisting Yacht Clubs in verifying the PHRF NW membership status and ratings of boats that are registered to race. The information is available for all. If you are a Yacht Club having trouble with a download, please Email us and we will send a copy ASAP.

Final 2023 Members list available by request. 

If you are not on this list but racing, you are subject to RRS RRS 78.1, and RRS 75 violations, and possible disqualification.

The most current list is available in our office.

All lists are accurate at the time of the publication, any member that is not on the list IS NOT a current PHRF NW member or a current rated boat.

  • Note: Data provided on this site is current information only. Information on this site is represented as being accurate at the time of page-updating, typographical or other errors are possible. The official PHRF-NW Roster and associated Supplements maintained by the PHRF-NW office are official, and supersede the data on this site. PHRF-NW will endeavor to keep this site current, however, there may be some delays, from time to time, in posting revised data to this site. The current rulings, determinations by the Chief Handicapper, the Handicapper Council, and individual handicappers will supersede any data on this site. PHRF-NW Information and Roster data are property of PHRF-NW. All Rights Reserved.

Previous years member info is available by request for handicappers. This is done to prevent race organizers from using old or incorrect yacht data early in the upcoming year season, or assuming a former member boat is active now. (Many do not renew). If you would like actual yacht data please contact the office directly.  If you have trouble with any of the links, or have questions, please email the office directly at [email protected]