Here you will find PHRF NW authorized member forms for your convenience. We have also provided outside links to other useful forms.

If you are submitting a new application, you are in charge of how long the process takes. If you submit properly completed forms, with your annual fee, your application should take about 2 weeks.

If you are submitting changes to your current boat, please email your handicapper directly.

If you are a new member applying for membership and a rating, please select one of the Application forms below, complete it and send to the office directly at [email protected]. If you have trouble filling out the form electronically, it could be your operating system or the device does not allow the form to be filled out properly. If that happens, print the form, fill it out by hand and scan or fax it to the office. We do not complete the application form for you. Applications start at the office, do not send directly to a handicapper.


Application forms are provided in PDF format.  The fillable PDF is useful if you can fill in a PDF form and send it to us.If you cannot electronically fill in the form, please print it out and complete by hand. You can fax, scan or email the complete form.

This is a separate copy of the PHRF NW Measurement Diagram that you can download independently from the application form. You can use this illustration to determine how you measure your yacht by PHRF NW protocol.

PHRF NW Rating Appeal in several formats

US Sailing Protest Form- note that this may not be the most current version, we recommend that you use a US Sailing document.